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Dear Guests of ScienceNights,

Welcome to our homepage!

Since their introduction in the summer of 2012, the ScienceNights have established themselves as a marketplace for unconventional ideas and new, stimulating personal experiences. Our objective with these events was and is to offer you an entertaining and not always serious-minded framework, in which you can explore scientific worlds and meet new contacts in a relaxed and playful setting.

At the ScienceNights, one to two established experts talk about their field of expertise with the great passion that is the driving force of every successful researcher. The presentations are consciously written in a way that makes them understandable to lay people and encourages fascinating discussions over aperitifs and music.

In the past, for example, we have learned from J. Craig Venter what genome research has made possible today, 60 years after the discovery of the double helix. With Claude Nicollier in Basel we have been taken on an imaginary journey into space, while Bertrand Piccard in Montreux took us on a trip around the world. In Zug, Sean Simpson introduced us to the world of ice hockey. And from Udo Pollmer in Basel we learned why French fries are no unhealthier than bread and butter. A very special evening was offered in St. Gallen, when the abbey librarian Dr. Cornel Dora guided the ScienceNight guests through his realm, the wonderful abbey library. Meanwhile, in Zurich the neuroscientist Peter Brugger took his audience into the depths of the human brain before the iPad magician Simon Pierro had everyone spellbound by his conjuring skills.

We would be delighted to welcome you to one of our events in the future.


Best regards

awyss mleuenberger
André Wyss
Global Head, Novartis Business Services
and Country President Switzerland

Matthias Leuenberger
Delegate Novartis Schweiz